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Alexander M. Wegner

Strategic Communications 


Thorough | Creative | Impactful

Advising public sectors clients in the Arabian Gulf

Holding an MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Alexander applies the rigor and imagination integral to work in political theory to international affairs, providing public sector clients in the Arabian Gulf with actionable approaches to their unique challenges.

Being a communications consultant, he has worked with private and public sector clients in Europe and the Middle East on building their brand and managing their reputation. As a critical thinker and an avid writer, he publishes on big-picture questions in public and corporate life. 

Alexander is passionate about leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) in primary and secondary education, for millions of people worldwide to be able to assume a cosmic perspective -- at relatively low cost. Hoping that such a vantage point will better human conduct on Earth, he advances this idea with Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum, the Royal Society of Arts, One Young World, and the Planetary Society.

Alexander is open to co-authorship, speaking opportunities, as well as pro bono engagements; constructive feedback on his published thought is more than welcome.

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Published Thought

On a World in Flux


A German View on the US Election

November 7, 2020

What explains the troubling extent of partisanship in the US? How can policy replace ideology at the heart of party politics? What will it take to re-build a polis in a bitterly divided nation?

Three Leadership Lessons from RBG

September 21, 2020

What can we learn from the distinguished career of the extraordinary US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

C-Suites Need Communicators!

August 21, 2020

Are C-suites fit for hyper-connectivity and stakeholder capitalism? Does putting stakeholders first harm the bottom line? Must C-suites be as diverse as the societies they operate in? The thought: inclusivity wins! C-level communicators, by putting stakeholder first, can help brands strike a chord with society to leverage hyper-connectivity.

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Communicators, Don Your Space Suits!

July 10, 2020

What trends are shaping the space industry? How can communicators help advance our outer space frontier? What do space missions matter? The thought: communicators are uniquely positioned to convey the value proposition of space missions with respect to business and the human project at large.

Stop Politicizing COVID-19. Brace for Existential Risks Instead

March 25, 2020

What can we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic? Is this the time to decide on the merit of political and socioeconomic causes? The thought: we must take this global health emergency at face value, enhancing epidemic and pandemic preparedness and bracing for existential risks.

Can Wonder Save Us?

January 22, 2019

How might the thought of German philosopher Martin Heidegger -- specifically, his conception of technology and ethics -- help us address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century? The thought: in its orientation toward wonder, it might improve our posture vis-à-vis the world.

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In Our Post-Truth Era, Stories Matter

April 18, 2018

What are stories? What can be learned from them? Why might they matter in an age of fake news? The thought: it is the timelessness of stories that enables them to captivate and mobilize audiences, prompting renewal.

Truth as Mimesis in Heidegger's Thought

June 2017

What do the seminal texts of Mark Blitz, Richard Velkley, and Peter Trawny suggest about technology, historicism, and freedom in the thought of German philosopher Martin Heidegger? Might a closer examination of truth in Heidegger's thought affect their assessment? The thought: conceiving of truth in Heidegger's thought -- whose essence is freedom -- as mimesis, reveals the importance of what Heidegger termed original ethics.

As Europe Trembles, We Must Look to the Stars

July 25, 2016

What does space exploration reveal about humanity? Why might examining distant worlds improve conduct on Earth? The thought: in observing the cosmos we begin to understand and appreciate our place in the universe and the preciousness of life on our only home.

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Our Talk of Change Misses the Point

Spring 2016

Are the troubles of our time merely an engineering challenge? Can policy resolve most of the world's pressing issues? The thought: improving the state of the world requires a moral odyssey, a re-examination of our values.

Are MNCs Responsible for More Than Profit?

Spring 2015

Is there such as a thing as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Can business be beneficial when companies focus on profits? The thought: companies that seek to be profitable in the long-run need to create value, which means working with rather than against communities.


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