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Alexander M. Wegner

Strategic Communications 


Thorough | Creative | Impactful

Advising governments in the Arabian Gulf region

Holding an MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Alexander applies the rigor and imagination integral to work in political theory to international affairs, providing public sector clients in the Arabian Gulf with actionable approaches to their unique challenges.

As a communications strategist, he has worked with private and public sector clients in Europe and the Middle East on building their brand and managing their reputation. As a critical thinker and an avid writer, he publishes on big-picture questions in public and corporate life. 

Alexander is passionate about the space industry and hopeful that the perspective outer space offers can positively impact earthly affairs.

He is active in the Alumni Network of the Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum, a Fellow at the Royal Society for Arts, a member of both the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Planetary Society, and a One Young World Ambassador and Peer Mentor.

Alexander is open discussing co-authorship, speaking opportunities, and pro bono engagements in the area of strategic communications.


Published Thought

On a World in Flux


The Stories We Tell Ourselves Matter. Let's Get Them Right!

August 4, 2021

Have ideation and storytelling become an exclusive enterprise à la trickle-down economics? What is the relationship between ideas and stories? And in what ways can both make us more future-proof? The thought: ideas and the stories to which they give rise are the building blocks of civilization.

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Voting for Dubai - With Their Feet

September 3, 2021

Using a Touch Phone

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